What To Expect During Your Roof Replacement


  1. If you have a lawn irrigation system, please turn off your water sprinkler before the shingles are removed by the service providers. It is much easier and safer if all of the roofer’s equipment stays dry.
  2. The removal of shingles and loading of shingles may disrupt any items that are hanging on your walls. The Heartland Exteriors advises homeowners to consider removing pictures, photos and paintings from the inside of the exterior walls.
  3. With all of the noise, pets can be traumatized during the roof replacement process. Make arrangements for any inside or outside pets to either stay inside on the day of the install or to give them a special day at the spa. They’ll love you for it.
  4. Please prepare your children for the disruption that will result from the roof replacement. Advise the kids not walk under ladders and to avoid entering and exiting your home during the roof removal process. Additionally, while the roof is being installed, if any equipment were to dismount the roof, anyone below the fall line would be in jeopardy.
  5. If possible, outside plants & furniture should be relocated or covered. o If you need access to your vehicle throughout the day of the install, be sure to plan accordingly & move your vehicle away from your home. Your garage will probably be blocked by a dumpster.


  1.  If the forecast includes rain or snow, the contractor may need to reschedule. o Demolition is not pretty, at all. Please understand, it is impossible to keep your exterior clean during this process. We will do our best with tarps around your home.
  2.  There can be 50,000+ nails in your old roof. We will not be able to get every single nail. However, we will go around your property multiple times with a magnetic sweeper.
  3. No one should be allowed to walk outside bare footed. o Remind all of your family to be extremely careful entering and exiting your home. Roofers would prefer if you’re able to eliminate all foot traffic.
  4. The re-roofing process is extremely loud, & many homeowners become agitated with all of the noise and disruption of day to day lifestyle. We recommend a get-away if you can.
  5. If you have a swimming pool, the sweeper needs to be turned off and the pool should be covered.
  6.  Lastly, and most importantly, we hope you enjoy the process as much as we do 😀